Studio 2525 is dedicated to bring a fresh breath to the feel, design and functionality of the modern smartphone.

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2525 series

clamshell smartphone closed

2525 series constitutes a novel approach for how aesthetics and functionality can be combined in a single smartphone. The unique design got inspired by the “clamshell” approach, before rectangle / same design smartphones took over the world.

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Smart Design

2525 series are super light and designed in such a way to feel natural in your hands. Under the hud works our newly developed cpu Attila 01 that is capable of the strongest calculations with the minimum consumption of battery. The operating system was developed from scratch to be able to handle whatever you want to do in incredible speed.

23MP Ultra HD Dual Camera

Two high resolution lenses allow your photos to stand out and look even better. 23MP resolution combined with the latest anti-shock and sophisticated focus technology will bring the professional photographer out of you. No more blurry pictures of your vacation!!

2525 series was developed to stand out. Its sophisticated technology allows the two monitors to connect seamlessly to each other when opened and create one single, slightly bent, ultra-sharp touch monitor.

The collaboration between the sophisticated OS Linux Uniqueness and the super high tech CPU Attila 01, combined with lots of RAM and storage allow 2525 series to work efficiently with minimum battery consumption.


When closed, 2525 can easily be mistaken with a work of art!
Choose your color, express your personality...

2525 fits easily in your purse, bag or pocket and when opened, you will be holding an ultra light, slim and elegant smartphone.
Break out of the norm and treat yourself with a unique phone, that really adds a new definiton to the word...


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